What we stand for

Aeromedical Innovation Australasia aims to help support our already world class remote health system through the adoption of new and innovative technologies which can be used to improve remote health outcomes.


Response time is critical, especially in the case of remote health, our projects aim to help health care providers to decrease response times through improved technologies


Remote health is build upon talented and highly trained individuals who are passionate about quality health care, our projects aim to help ensure that quality health care is accessible regardless of the location.


A already difficult job is made harder when you don't have access to the equipment and support you need. Our projects aim to connect health care providers with the support and resources that they need to provide quality care to their patients.


About Us

Aeromedical Innovation Australasia (AIA) is a not-for-profit organisation focused on improved outcomes in remote health. AIA has been developed by passionate individuals to support remote health care. We aim to help support existing systems and structure to further improve remote health care through the smart adoption of new technologies.


Project Blog

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